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Among the portfolio of offerings, the following services are provided:

On Technology

Particularly on the areas of satellite communications, Space, audiovisual, home platforms, broadband, future internet, mobile communications, new and connected, Smart Cities, eHealth, maritime communications, eLearning.
In this field, our activities do cover:

• Technology assessment.
• Technology roadmap.
• Technology trends.
• Research and Technology Development (R&D) at national, European and worldwide levels.
• Support to Small and Medium Enterprises to get involved in research projects.
• Support to preparation of research project proposals, evaluations and reviews.
• Support to research projects management, project controlling, reporting and auditing.
• Innovation and service deployment. Assistance on Pre-Commercial Procurement processes and contracts.
• Mobilization of research communities in support of:

– Cooperation in the international domain.
– Participation of SMEs in the cooperative research.
– Definition of technology roadmaps and trends.
– Deployment of new innovative technologies and infrastructures.
– New policies for ICT modernization and deployment.
– Secretariat services for national, European and international technology platforms.

On Regulatory affairs

• Spectrum Management, licensing and authorization for radiocommunication services..
• International spectrum monitoring.
• Assistance for contributions, participation at European Spectrum Committees, like CEPT.
• Policy.
• Technical Reports for Court Hearings.
• Satellite filing and coordination procedures.

On Standarization

Contribution to Standards bodies: UNE, ETSI, CEN-CENELEC, ITU.

On Maritime Services

• Boats commissioning.
• Boats promotion.
• Boats customization.
• Electronics for Boats.
• Modernization of Marinas and Ports through ICT.

On Bussines Support

Assistance for product definition, commercial strategy and promotions on:

• Digital Television (satellite, terrestrial). Roadmaps for the migration to digital television.
• Definition of new bouquets and new personal television schemes consistent with technology possibilities.
• Satellite communications (Television, broadband, enterprise networking). Satellite capacity commercialization. Satellite broadband networks deployment.
• Satellite Payload definition and specification. Satellite programme construction monitoring, evaluation and certification.

On International Cooperation

• Full and deep knowledge of the ICT sector in Latin America.
• Links with research groups in Japan, South Korea, India, Russia, South Africa, Canada, USA.
• Well understanding of businesses in Africa, in particular: Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Tunisia.

On Policy Development

• Analysis of plans of regulatory bodies and Administrations towards new policies related to telecommunications and spectrum management.
• Recommendations for the involvement of SMEs as core components in the business, operations and research activities.